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En matière de référencement, la qualité des backlinks maillage de vos liens est importante et permet dapporter du crédit à un site auprès de Google. Elle détermine donc la position de vos pages dans les résultats de recherche de Google. Vous avez optimisé le référencement de votre site web et pourtant son classement dans les pages de résultats des moteurs de recherche nest pas satisfaisant? Vous vous demandez comment améliorer ce classement? Sachez quil est possible de booster la réputation de votre site internet grâce à des backlinks de qualité et optimisés. Vous ne savez pas comment vous y prendre pour avoir un bon backlink?
11 Clever Ways to Get Quality Backlinks to Your Website.
Some sites that are set up to aggregate content can be very helpful for creating SEO backlinks. Aggregation sites, such as, will collect information from many sites on the Internet and place the best content in relevant sections. For example, you could see links and excerpts from your exercise website in an aggregators fitness section. The signup process is quite simple and may require a HTML file to be uploaded to your server to verify you own it. Posting on Digg and Reddit. Digg and Reddit are extremely popular platforms that allow for many different kinds of content. By adding a submission to these social hubs, you can get the attention of the many people who frequent these sites. Interacting with this community can also boost your reputation and engage readers to visit your actual site by using the available link.
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Help A Reporter Out HARO is a great way to do this. Basically, its a platform that connects journalists with news sources. You just ended to signing up to HARO as a source, selecting a plan you can choose the free one, and youre ready to start getting some quality backlinks. After youve signed up, you will receive emails from HARO every day. These emails contain the requests that different news and media websites have. These requests are all journalists looking for tips and advice, a quote, statistics, stories, etc. Check these emails out, and if you see a story that relates to your business or your content, respond to it. If your response is successful and the reporter uses your contribution, you will receive a backlink. This is a great way to start getting high-authority backlinks from top sites. Anyone can use HARO successfully - no matter how new or unknown your site is. Above: This is what it looks like when you receive a HARO email. Each query is an opportunity for a new backlink. Spy On Your Competitors. One of the best ways to get backlinks is to spy on your competitors.
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According to HubSpot, 97 or more inbound links are grabbed by those websites who have the habit of blogging on a regular basis. Also, there are no proper methods to get quality backlinks from authority websites, but I can give you some tricks from which you can build up a repo and then on that basis you can get quality backlinks. If you are a new blogger, then it becomes next to impossible to get backlinks. But also, you need to understand the fact that you have to really patient as this is a gradual process. So once you get into that process, you will start seeing the results in a while. Here are some tricks to build quality backlinks form authorized websites. Go for online Public Relations. Infographics gaining popularity. Skyscraping the content. Here are some tricks to build quality backlinks form authorized websites. Guest blogging is nothing but contributing articles for other websites for free. This is a good chance where you can tell others that you are the expert in your field. So when you are writing content for another website, you can exchange a backlink for your own website.
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Score Broken Backlinks. Backlink from Your Provider. Market Your Products with Other Brands. 5 Online Tools for Improving Your Backlink Strategy. How to do Search Engine Optimization SEO for your website. Understanding the relationship between Social Media and SEO. How to win international customers loyalty - and why translation alone isnt enough. Learn How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy. Start your journey with us! Free trial for 14 days. No credit card required. Get Started Now.
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The number of times this article was shared on Twitter. Share this article. Subscribe for weekly updates. Leave this field empty if you're' human.: Link building isnt rocket science. Theres no secret club where only an elite few get taught how to build links. Anyone can do it. But its harder than it needs to be without tried and tested tactics to lean on. Here are 15 proven ways to get backlinks.: The Skyscraper Technique. The Reverse Skyscraper Technique. Resource page link building. Broken link building. 301 redirect link building. Pitch best x in y listicles. Pursue link gaps. Get stockist links. Utilize existing memberships. Pitch link roundups. The Skyscraper Technique. The Skyscraper Technique is where you find content with lots of backlinks, create something better, then ask everyone linking to the content you improved to link to you instead. How to do it. You first need to find pages with lots of backlinks. To begin, search for a phrase related to your topic in Ahrefs Content Explorer and set the referring domains filter to a minimum of 50.
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AI Paragraph Rewriter. Website Traffic Checker. Open Graph Generator. I hope you enjoy reading this blog post. If you want my team to just do your marketing for you, click here. How to Get Backlinks for a New Site with No Money. Blog How to Get Backlinks for a New Site with No Money. Learning how to get backlinks can help you jumpstart your brand, with no investment upfront. The idea is simple: just ask a site for a backlink. However, sometimes these requests get lost in a flood of emails. The average person receives 88 emails a day alone. Other times, requests gets ignored or flat-out denied because they arent high priority. What do you do? You have to create a backlink request that is impossible to ignore or turn down. Why Is It Important to Know How to Get Backlinks? Youve probably heard backlinks can benefit SEO. They are a component of how Google ranks websites. The number of backlinks you actually need to land on the first page of Google results is enough to make most marketers give up.
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Now that you know how to structure your websites internal linking, its time to turn your focus outward. In this SEO tutorial step, you learn how to get those all-important external links to your website and use two free tools in the process. Photo by Les Chatfield CC by 2.0, modified. Links have been the lifeblood of search engine optimization for a long time. Ever since Google cofounder Larry Page invented PageRank back in the late 90s, links have been a primary way search engines determine rankings. Still today, getting quality inbound links from other websites aka backlinks is a crucial SEO ingredient - if they are obtained naturally, safely within search engine guidelines. In this lesson, youll get to use two free SEO link tools that will help you identify links, AND youll learn.: Why high-quality backlinks are so valuable. How to develop a link earning rather than link building strategy. What kind of backlink to avoid. How to attract links that increase your sites link popularity and rankings.
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In case you dont know what HARO is, it is a website where journalist go when they need help. They post questions, and if you can help them answer any of them, you can get some free press. You can get published on a news website or a magazine like, which makes HARO a great place to pick up high quality backlinks. You wont get a ton of links from this site, but the links you do get will help drive traffic as this site links to authoritative sites. To get these links, all you need to do is spend 30 minutes to an hour on HARO each week. Find broken links going to resources or products. Broken link building is hard unless you focus on the right type of broken links. A lot of blogs and websites have them, but very few are willing to fix them. Your best bet is to find resource pages related to your field and to look for broken links within those pages.
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Youve got a good chance that they will like your article, and they will include you in their next roundup. Every writer is always looking for great content, and youve just made their lives easier. Backlink Tip 5 Create a unique and helpful tool that comes handy for your industry. Recently Ali Mese wrote a brilliant piece on Medium called Side Project Marketing Is the New King. He writes about how one small side project Unsplash saved the startup Crew from going down under. So why if youre good at the building stuff, why not use your HTML or programming skills or that of your founders to create a small tool that can be helpful and can earn you tons of organic backlinks? For example, the amazing folks over at CoSchedule created this helpful tool, which we use a lot here to analyse our headlines, called Headline Analyser. If you look at the Alexa ranking of the website, it has more than 3K backlinks! and another one just now. This kind of tools on your website can help to get links back when authors write about a related topic.
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Along with that, give them a similar link from your website Similar content which you already have to create one, and ask them to update their post. Get high quality links from document sharing sites.: Convert your blog posts to pdf and submit it to document sharing sites, Here are some of the best document sharing sites.: Get Backlink from Amazon.: Convert one of your long articles into an ebook and use to publish it in the Amazon store. Of course, you would like to keep the book as free, and you can add your brand name to the description. Now, Amazon does not allow links in the description, but this citation is so powerful that it would help you improve your backlink profile. Social Networking Site Profile. This is one great and under-utilized method you can use to get quality backlinks to your website. Many social bookmarking and social networking sites have a high page rank. This rank will flow to your account. You can get a lot of quality backlinks by simply adding your website URL in the about field of social networking sites.
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There are plenty of ways to NOT get backlinks, and the summary point is - cold reach outs begging for inclusion on someones blog who you have zero relationship with, is NOT how you do it. Actually, lets go back a step. SEO - ranking higher on Google, is certainly a worthwhile aspiration. That first page of Google is where business gets done right? Well why not just dominate the local Google Business Profile results then? Like this client of mine, Michael Anastasiadis the Mortgage Broker.: ranking high on Google Business Profile still takes a lot of work and expertise read more HERE. But - back to normal organic SEO; organic search results on Google search pages. Yes, once you have sorted out the technical aspects of your website, and built some good, keyword driven content, getting backlinks IS part of the game. So how SHOULD we get these much sought after backlinks? Remember, backlinks when other websites link back to your website for any reason, are more powerful when they are related to your industry, and keywords, and if the sites linking back to yours have high authority and reputation, even better for you!
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All you have to do is write some good quality articles in any subject of your choice, and submit them for inclusion. Another top name in article submission websites is that of EzineArticles. It is a major competitor of Hubpages and also generates a lot of traffic. Nearly all webmasters submit articles in this website in exchange of getting backlinks to their websites. You should not miss an opportunity to get a backlink to your site from it. The submitted articles are thoroughly checked by their Editors for quality before inducted then into the website. The article acceptance rate is lower than HubPages, therefore submit only high quality articles. Pinterest is a social network where people share and discover great Visual contents from around the world. With an Alexa rank of 32 and over 100 million monthly active user base, the backlinks created here has a very high value. The best way to make a backlink in Pinterest is by creating a Board and then adding your links known as pins into it.

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